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Summer School 2022

Hello Moorpark High Musketeers!

Welcome to MHS Summer School! My name is Brandon Arevalo, my colleague, Maria Valdivia, and I will be your Summer School Principals.

Please review the following important information.


Dates: June 20 - July 22 (no school on July 4th), Monday - Friday Time: 8:30AM - 11:30AM


You will be enrolled in your class by June 17, 2022, after that please try logging into Edgenuity using the information below.

Link to Access Edgenuity: Click Here to access Edgenuity

Username: StudentID@mrpk <-- Please note, there is no .org at the end. Ex: 500000@mrpk

Edgenuity Password: StudentID <-- Please note, this is just your 7-digit Student ID. Ex: 5000000


Please log in to Edgenuity prior to the first Google Meet to ensure you are able to access the program. You will receive an email from your Summer School teacher by Monday, 6/20 @ 8:30AM with the Google Meet code or link for your class. You MUST log in every morning at 8:30AM for Attendance, after attendance is taken you may log off the Google Meet and work independently in Edgenuity. If you do not log in you will be marked absent for the day. You can access Google Meet by clicking here or if a teacher provides a link, you can click on that link.


Edgenuity is available 24/7 for you to work on courses, however your teacher will be available from 8:30AM - 11:30AM Monday through Friday to unlock quizzes and tests. Please send your teacher an email when you need an assignment unlocked, if it is outside the school hours listed, the assignment will be unlocked the following school day. When you are finished with your course, please email your teacher and your next course (if applicable) will be added.


If you have any issues logging in after June 17th, please email Ms. Garcia at Thank you! 


Please see below for the Google Meet Code for each teacher in case you lose your email or can't find the code.

Click Here to go to Google Meet


Google Meet Code

Peter Daland


Stephanie Guske & Natalie Chapman


Matt Guske & Amy Beattie


Fran Fredette


Kate Keane


Chris Kilbane


Sean Burns


Conni Simons