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Teacher Contacts

    Last First Department Classroom Email Website
    Alexander Jeanine Social Science L-01 Website
    Altrock Brian English  R-06  
    Ashton Tiffany Science S-02 Website
    Ballas Elle Math F-04  
    Beattie Amy CHS/English I-12 Website
    Blair Zosia Technology D-08  
    Bloomgren Michele Indpen Study I-09  
    Booth Christina SPED/SS H-01  
    Brady Andrew ASB I-06  
    Brown Valerie Science S-04  
    Burchfield Daniel Social Science M-01  
    Burns Leslie Math D-05
    Burns Sean Math N-04  
    Castillo Shelly Foreign Lang F-03  
    Chapman David English K-01  
    Chapman Natalie English  R-07  
    Childs Kendall CHS/English I-13  
    Chu Anthony English R-09  
    Clerc Melissa SPED/English L-04  
    Clyne Bridgette (Jett) Foreign Lang R-08 Website
    Daland Peter Social Science K-05 Website
    Datorria Kevin Science C-7  
    Davis Linda Math G-03  
    De La Torre Andrew Foreign Lang F-02  
    de Vinck Nelly English R-05  
    DeCoste Maria English  N-03  
    Dilg Deborah English G-06  
    Fredette Fran Physical Ed Gym/I-18  
    Froelich Melinda Math N-01 Website
    Fullerton Scott Social Science M-11  
    Garcia Rogelio Jr. Social Science K-02  
    Gonzalez Elsa Foreign Lang N-02  
    Guske Stephanie English D-06


    Guske Matthew Social Science F-1  
    Hagerty Paul Math F-05 Website
    Hale Kenita Fine Art E-1  
    Harvuot Trine Science S-01  
    Hayden Rebecca SPED/Math L-02  
    Hebel Ray Fine Art Q-02  
    Hicks Aschli Science D-07 Website
    Hill April Science C-05 Website
    Huisenga Ryan Social Science M-07  
    Jenkins Blake Social Science M-04  
    Jones Jessica Foreign Lang R-10 Website
    Kahle Vicki Fine Art E-03  
    Khalil Marcelle Science D-09  
    King Mike CHS/Math I-14 Website
    King Tom Social Science K-03  
    Konish  Sharon Foreign Lang M-05 Website
    Lanquist Tina Science S-03  
    Lemons Kim English H-02  
    Lewis Lisa Science C-04 Website
    Lins Tim Physical Ed Gym  
    Lyon Robyn Technology D-03 Website
    Magdaleno Victor Foreign Lang K-04  
    Mangers Scott Math N-05 Website
    Marshall Smadar Speech & Lang I-04  
    McMurry Laura English R-03  
    Moller Nick Hospitality P-1  
    Navarro  Zara English/AP Seminar R-01  
    Ocegueda Jose CHS/SS I-15  
    Piper Emily English R-04  
    Rayzor Megan Social Science H-3  
    Reige Justin Product Development N-7  
    Schneiderman  Monica Math F-6  
    Schroeder Kelsay Math G-05  
    Shapiro Robert Math G-04 Website
    Silva Jen SPED/Math M-03  
    Simons Conni Science S-05  
    Stotts Meaghan Physical Ed Gym  
    Strahan Blake Social Science H-06  
    Stuehrmann Leni SPED/English G-01  
    Sweeney Derek English H-05  
    Swenson Kristin Social Science M-02  
    Trent Nicole Math P-03 Website
    Ullery Kasy SPED/Social Studies C-3  
    Ulloa Saul SPED/Math M-6  
    Valdivia Maria SPED M-08  
    Velasco Gabriel Fine Art Q-01  
    Veres Jill Social Science R-02  
    Walden Rob Science C-02  
    Weis Charles SPED/English G-02 Website
    Whitelaw Donna Fine Art D-02  
    Wight Danielle Math P-02  
    Wilford Ron SPED/Science M-12